Our Story

Initially B’UR’B (Be your Best) was registered as a training program for Life-Coaches.  Individual Service Providers, who were professionally, governmentally and voluntarily involved with children, used the momentum of the 2010 Soccer World Cup SOUTH AFRICA to register as a Training Program for Life-Coaches or Community Developers.

We recognized the holistic need, lack of purpose and moral decay, through our interaction with children in this period. Trainers/Service Providers regrouped and structured the desire for Change and established Education Connection Spacers. Children being the common denominator, we found Schools, Parents, and the Community to be the connecting points for the implementation of our Program and Process called SPACERS.

We are committed to help break the Cycle of Poverty, through a commitment to serve Schools and the community they represent using educational principles.  Our Business is to source for, equip and place Community Developers (Youth Workers), trained in and supported by the SPACERS Program to work from the School Space into the surrounding community. We work together with the Department of Education and Department of Social Development.

We also started a school called South Gate Academy in partnership with Overberg Christian Family in Bredasdorp with the vision of the Development of young people into mature leaders through quality education within a safe learning environment.

Management Core Team

Cecilia Terblanche – Founder & Director

Cecilia Terblanche founded the organization with a vision to change communities into purposeful people with a hope to a future, starting with the heart of the child and their education. She is a purposefully driven woman always on the front lines of transformation.

She is a leader, teacher, trainer, wife, mother and lover of nature and people. She focuses on the training and development of the Community Developers to enable and empower them to have major influence and life changing impact in the schools. She is always on the move to encourage and inspire everyone she comes in contact with.

Marinus Stoltz – Director

Marinus has a passion to work with the youth and see young people develop into their full potential. He believes that everyone has a dream and purpose to live life to the fullest. He wants to see a new breed of young leaders that will impact a nation in a real and sustainable way.

His background as an environmental manager shows that he has a passion for the creation an also how people understand, perceive and live their lives integrated with all aspects of life. He is a leader, encourager, influencer and currently focuses on the business and leadership development in the company ensuring sustainability and effectiveness.

Operational Core Team

Danielle Ahrends

Danielle is a senior Community Developer and teacher. She has teamed up with Education Connection since July 2014 and has brought a new flavour to the team. She is a sport life coach, a trained Abacus Maths facilitator with our after school tutoring program and ECD teacher with the South Gate Academy. She wants to see the young leaders emerge and take hold of the opportunities available.

Donlin Strydom

Donlin is a Community Developer and with the team since 2014. Donlin wishes to give back what he has learned over the last couple of years and has the heart to see the young people grow and walk into their destiny.

Donlin is also trained in  IRB level 1,2 Sport coaching & referee and is the program leader in the Out-School sport programme.

Petrovine Peres

She joined Education Connection in 2014. She brings the caring and motherly flavor to the team and to schools. She is a mother of two boys and understands the importance of building the right values into young children. She is also a ECD teacher for South Gate Academy.

Timothy Wyngaardt

He was part of an internship program with Education Connection in 2016/17. He then started the Overberg Music School in 2018 and has been teaching music classes to young leaders since. He has rejoined  the Education Connection Community Developer team in 2019. He is also trained in IRB level 1 sport coach & referee in rugby and will be involved in the sport life coaching programs. He understands the importance of living what you preach and to be an accurate role model in the community.

Jason Buys

He was part of a Gapyear program with us in 2013. Since 2014 he was working for The Joshua Tree in Bredasdorp but also part time involved in various outreach youth development projects with us including sport life coaching, events and school engagements. He is currently involved on a part time basis with the Education Connection Community Developer team, specially as a IRB level 1 trained rugby coach and referee. He is married and also a partner in a small scale farming business. He has a passion for young people to help them grow in maturity and live a life of purpose and identity.

Sarie Mommsen

She has a multitude of experience in the foundational phase educational arena, helping to establish various creches and learning centres. She recently started after school Abacus Maths for primary school children in Cape Agulhas. Her responsibilities at Education Connection includes the maths tutoring as well as the fund raising and partnership engagement program.

Bronwinn Clarke

He is qualified in Civil Engineering Technology with a higher diploma in teaching. He has a passion for young people, to see them grow in their identity and purpose.  His responsibilities at Education Connection includes after school extra maths tutoring as well as the manager of the After Care program of South Gate Academy.