Education & Training

Our first priority is to ensure that our adult leaders (Community Developer & Teachers) are trained in various skills and internal values to present themselves as role models and to represent what they stand for.
Over the last 7 years we have discovered various critical skills, values and tools to be a nation changer in communities and this we have developed into a life changing manual and constantly built it into the leaders who commit themselves to the process.
Our school has the vision to Develop young people into mature leaders through quality education within a safe learning environment. Our teachers are trained in curriculum, facilitation, socio-emotional learning and spiritual mentorship.
We have various intakes of young mature leaders from after matric into a developmental Gapyear program. We teach and test the valuable insights and principles we have learned over the years to these young people. We also let them join the senior team in the school engagements and they learn life changing skills and tools for their future.

Our Training Program is a nationally (SAQA) accepted SETA accredited program with the Education, Development & Training sector (EDT). We contribute to the development of young leaders (character & skills) and the creation of employment opportunities especially for those previously disadvantaged.


There are three main courses which forms part of the EDT – Certificate Youth Development. Our accredited courses can be customized to suit the availability of the students.

1. PROJECT-LIFE Course:  A Project Management course developed to help the individual in personal development as well as in the work environment or entrepreneurial initiatives.

  • NQF Level 4
  • 7 x Credits
  • Two Days
  • Who should apply – Managers, supervisors, headmasters, project leaders, teachers, group leaders or anyone who works with projects and people on a regular basis

2. PEACEMAKER Course: A Conflict Management course developed to help the individual to present, analyse and interpret information to use and channel conflict in a positive and value adding way in the work environment and personal lives.

  • NQF Level 5
  • 8 x Credits
  • Three Days
  • Who should apply – Managers, supervisors, headmasters,  group/team leaders or anyone who works with people and in a team on a regular basis

3. I2B facilitation Course: A Learning Facilitation course designed to empower the learner to use various methods in teaching or imparting any important life changing message, mindsets or way of living to any other person/group. I can only teach what I am already living – I to Be (I2B)

  • NQF Level 5
  • 10 x Credits
  • Three Days
  • Who should apply – Managers, supervisors, teachers, group/team leaders or anyone who works with people on a regular basis

Although our main platform of influence is a school, we are also involved in the broader community to create sustainability. Our training are spread over various types of groups:

1. Community Developer in schools

2. Community Volunteers

3. Life coaching through various platforms e.g. Sport

4. Parents

5. Corporate Companies

6. Service Delivery Companies (e.g. Municipalities)

7. School leaders & teachers

8. Community Leaders (e.g. Churches, other Organisations)